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Don’t mind me, just doing my dream cast for my imaginary adaptation of the Siege of Troy

Part 2

King Agamemnon - Robert Downey Jr. I don’t know why him, I just think he could play a greedy, power hungry King really well.

King Menelaus - Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Jeff..oh Jeff. He could kick ass at the slightly kind heated King who kinda just follows his brother’s rule. Plus him and RDJ kinda look a like >.<

King Priam - Donald Sutherland. Idk, he just looks like an old, Trojan King…

Andromache - Sandra Bullock. What can I say, this woman can play anything amazingly.

Odysseus - Kevin McKidd. Ugh, Kevin would be so awesome as Odysseus. He has that guy-who’s-got-everything-figured-out vibe. Very wise, clever leader. No wonder  he survives Troy.

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